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When someone asks you "what do you do for a living" your next few words will likely determine whether or not this interaction leads to new business opportunities for you. Unfortunately, most people squander this great chance to sell themselves.

In this module you will learn:

  • What an "Elevator Speech" is and why it is so important. Note that this is also referred to as an "Elevator Pitch".
  • Common mistakes that people make when delivering their Elevator Speech.
  • The attributes and characteristics of a great elevator speech.
  • How to compile an ideal elevator speech based on real input from your clients.
  • How to follow-up and make an appointment after delivering your elevator speech.
Lesson Duration: Approximately 45 minutes.
Note: If you don't complete this module you may resume or restart it at a later date.
Prerequisites: Ideally, someone should be available with whom you can practice your elevator speech. This could be a friend, colleague or family member.
Intended Audience: Anyone who sells products or services. If you are currently looking for a new job, you are selling the most important product you know - Yourself!
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Here is an example of a fumbled elevator speech
The Fumbled Response

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